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Welcome to Bay of Islands International Academy, a place where natural curiosity and imagination lead to exploration and discovery for learners of all ages.

Located on the Purerua Peninsula, 15 minutes Northeast of Kerikeri. We cater to children from Years 1 to 8.

Our aim for learners is to support personal growth and natural curiosity within and beyond our caring, whanau-­orientated atmosphere.

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2017 Term Dates

Term 1: 2nd February — 13th April

Term 2: 1st May — 7th July

Term 3: 24th July — 29th September

Term 4: 16th October — 15th December

Reception Hours

Mon-Thurs: 8:15 am — 3:15 pm

Friday: 8:15 am — 12:15 pm

Weekends: CLOSED

Our office manager Sharon Hirst is happy to help with all enquiries.

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Dear Members of the Bay of Islands International Academy School Community and the People of Kerikeri, Waipapa and Surrounds

Some of you will be aware that Kerikeri High School has published in their newsletter their opposition to our application to extend to Year 10. This is unfortunate, but not unexpected. We have been aware of their opposition for some time, but had chosen to quietly pursue a positive, behind-the-scenes resolution through Ministry of Education, unsuccessfully so far. We also recall, though, that we promised to keep our community informed, and to give our community an opportunity to help us succeed. We think we need that help now.

We feel that our wider school community including Kerikeri, Waipapa and surrounds would benefit from another local choice for public secondary education. Choice is the key word. Nobody will be forced to attend a different school. No change to either school’s enrolment zone is contemplated. Other concerns raised do not rise to the level where parents should be denied a choice. Mustn’t we give appropriate recognition to the voice of over 98% of parents who have said YES to choice in responding to our school’s survey?

There is a lot of misinformation floating around, so let’s be very clear. This proposal would only enhance school choice. There’s no reason our community can’t have two great, unique options for public secondary schooling. KKHS unquestionably offers a well-established national reputation for excellence. We offer a less established, but perhaps more visionary alternative. Each option would have it’s appeal, and in any event, we are only talking about a few dozen more students coming to us, not a mass exodus from KKHS. We need only enough students to create a viable programme, about 60 in Years 7 - 10. There simply isn’t room for more.

Claims of a so-called zoning wedge are misinformed. No child from Te Tii/Purerua would lose their right to enrol at and attend KKHS. Rather, they, and others in Kerikeri, Waipapa, and surrounds would gain a choice. We cannot understand how opposing free choice benefits our wider community, and we think KKHS has not adequately explained this.

We are highly sceptical of an expressed concern relating to bus transport entitlement. We believe this technical matter could be very satisfactorily addressed, just as it presently is, by working together with the carriers and schools in our region. It’s not hard. Worst case, it is a matter of passing the hat to find a bit of money to transport a literal handful of children. We are 100% certain our community can make that happen, if it’s even necessary. Bus transport ought not be made into a weapon against school choice.

Let’s be positive. We’ve made an excellent proposal that hurts nobody. Our proposal centers on an inclusive, visionary, Learner Profile well-suited to Year 7 - Year 10 learners who will live through the 21st century. It’s backed by solid research and leans towards the global best practice exemplified by high-performing countries like Finland. We always welcome any input that could make our proposal even better.

Learner Profile

As our learners progress through our programme, our objective is that they would be able to strongly agree that their confidence and ability are growing to:
-manage themselves positively
-envision and contribute to a world of sustainably increasing equity, fulfilment, opportunity and abundance
-relate and collaborate positively with others
-communicate, express and appreciate ideas
-develop expert knowledge
-broadly understand, adapt to, and thrive in a changing world
-identify and develop their own interests and relate them to the larger world
-be creative and original, question and challenge, take risk and initiative, and dream big
-employ logical reasoning, computational thinking and scientific method as tools to gain insight and solve problems
-be ready to undertake more advanced study in Year 11 and beyond

If this isn’t your cup of tea, that’s your choice and our proposal will not take that away from you. We are 100% happy for students to enjoy and thrive at other schools. If you do want this choice, or even just feel that your community shouldn't be denied this choice, then please let us (again) know of your support, publicly or privately. At this point, the stark reality is that we probably cannot succeed in creating a new public secondary choice for our wider community without verifiable numbers backing us up.

Please help us share this post with the entire community, throughout Kerikeri, Waipapa and surrounds, including secondary students.
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