Bay of Islands International Academy | What We Do
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What We Do

Our Motto

Learn and grow with us.  Kia ako, kia tupu, tahi tatou.

Our Mission

We work as one towards building a community of learners to stimulate knowledge, motivation and confidence to progress, achieve and succeed in life. We develop our ability and desire for deep, meaningful, life-long learning. We support personal growth and natural curiosity within and beyond our caring, whanau­-orientated atmosphere.

Our Inspiration

A mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled.”—Plutarch, 46 – 120 AD

Our Vision

During 2012, the school community recognised that an ambitious vision of change and redevelopment would best serve our learning community. Through extensive consultation, our community determined the following core elements of our school’s vision now and into the future:

All our students will be eagerly engaged in learning and achieving strongly. Intercultural friendships will flourish.

We will have informed, active, effective and culturally balanced leadership (governance & management).

Our parents/whānau/community will be supportive, enthusiastic, and involved. Intercultural connections and collaboration will thrive.

We will institutionalise an ongoing drive for improvement and innovation.

Our programme will be highly sought-after and it will increase the attraction of living in our community.
We will be a visible success.  We will be a proud comeback story for the whole community,and we will be a positive example for other schools that have faced similar challenges.