Bay of Islands International Academy | Who We Are
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Who We Are

We are a culturally diverse, public, state-funded, Year 1 – Year 8 primary school, surrounded by rural and coastal beauty in New Zealand’s Bay of Islands.

We are a school with a passion for educational excellence and innovative thinking. With our strong emphasis on global perspectives and multicultural understanding and respect, we’re a great place for all students. Located on the Purerua Peninsula, we’re surrounded by an exciting mix of beautiful rural farmland, spectacular bay and ocean coastline, pine forests, native bush, charming batches and prestigious properties.

We’re an IB World School with a caring, safe, family atmosphere.

We embrace mixed-age classes. They’re our strength. They make us learn the ins and outs of every child as an individual. Our practice is evidence based – we can’t ‘teach-to-the-middle’ because it just wouldn’t work here. Instead, our teachers learn your child’s strengths, weaknesses, likes, dislikes, motivation, learning style and more. They create the learning opportunities and provide the guidance that your child needs. How do we do it? By fostering a culture of always caring—teachers caring about students; students caring about themselves and each other; parents and community caring about their children and their school; and everyone caring about learning and growth.

We have a unique curriculum designed for a future-proof education.

We gained authorisation to provide the Primary Years Programme in November 2015. We are committed to this programme because we know it’s the best path for our students and our community. It also creates a new education choice in our area and embraces the international and multicultural flavour of the Bay of Islands. We promote a 21st century, forward-thinking education through the emphasis on transdisciplinary learning, learning-to-learn, critical thinking, problem solving, global understanding and perspective, and the development of positive values, attitudes, and behaviours.

We emphasise strong character, positive behaviours, and a love of learning.

Becoming an IB World School is a path that very few New Zealand schools have chosen. It’s a hard path. But don’t we all want a school that’s striving, not coasting? Don’t we want a school with an ambitious mission? Don’t we want our school to set the example our children need to see as they grow up? Bay of Islands International Academy shines for our children as a living example of standing tall, building a vision, setting goals, and working to achieve them. Our great hope is that our school’s strength of character will reflect in our children.

Learn more about our mission, vision, curriculum and goals. Read our school charter and strategic plan.